Welcome to Irish chess players


The educational benefits of learning to play chess are generally well known, with hundreds of studies in dozens of countries confirming them. Less well known are the social and health benefits.

Playing chess at school, during breaks or after lessons is good. FIDE (the World Chess Federation) has signed agreements with many education ministries around the globe (from Paraguay to Vietnam, from Russia to Uruguay) to introduce chess in schools programmes, but not yet in Ireland.

Using an internet platform to play individual games or team matches has additional advantages. On the practical side, travel expense and difficulties, such as Garda clearance, are eliminated. On the educational side, computer skills, in addition to chess skills, can be built up in a fun environment. Playing inter-school team matches is good for social development. Online play means:

1. No travel time or cost - just walk to the computer room. Individual players can register for FREE, but they will not have the advantage of benefits 6-8 below, for which a school subscription is required.

2. No drivers needed.

3. No child protection issues.

4. Number of players is limited only by the number of internet connected PCs.

5. All games are recorded - players can be shown their mistakes and learn from them.

6. Professional support with lessons and advice by Kevin O'Connell and Darko Polimac.

7. National tournaments and matches, the winners qualifying for ...

8. International finals.

There are still more benefits to playing on our MatPat platform. It is exclusively for children (other sites are usually intended for adults) and it is international, with schools from an ever expanding list of countries, including the Czech Republic, Romania and the USA, and many from France. Children have the opportunity to mix with their peers around the world and can practise their language skills.